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Congratulations Caleigh!

Congratulations to Caleigh M. who won a point for EVES for the Charlie Cup Checker Championship on Sunday at the PAC Bazaar. Mr. Lyons presented her with a new book. We will see how EVES does in the playoffs in the springtime!caleigh-m


Gazette Hamper Fund

We are accepting donations for the Gazette Christmas Hamper Fund. Our student leadership group is taking care of this very important part of the season.


Update on B.C.’s New Curriculum from Education Minister Mike Bernier


Homework Club on Mondays

EVES is starting a homework club for Intermediate students on Mondays after school from 3 – 4 pm. Please see the attached permission form:


No Assembly This Week

We will not be holding a school assembly this week.


Grade 4’s in the Wood Shop!

Ms. Kiatipis’ Grade 4 class went up to P.H.S.S. today for some Connected Learning in the wood shop. This process enables students to experience Applied Skills, Community Learning and Class Mentorship.

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Thank you to PAC for the KEVA planks

Thank you to PAC for the purchase of these KEVA planks. The building possibilities are endless!



Organizers Needed

Camp Homewood parents (Grade 7). We are in need of a few parents to take on the organizing of the fundraisers for the trip in May. Classroom teachers aren’t available to take this on – if you would like to start a Facebook group or set up a fundraising meeting, please feel free to start the conversation here. As it stands, the cost will be $300 for each student to go. If there is fundraising, the cost will go down. Opportunities can include bottle drives, concessions etc.


Cobra Weave Stick Bomb

Ms. Watkinson’s Grad 5/6 class did an activity to investigate potential and kinetic energy.  This is called a “Cobra Weave Stick Bomb”.


Morning Meeting – Primary Style

Ms. Gatenby’s Grade 1/2 class had a wonderful morning meeting today – look at what they came up with!


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