Eagle View Elementary School

"Learning For Life"

Meet Our Staff



Principal: Mr. D’Arcy Deacon
Email: ddeacon@sd85.bc.ca


Vice-Principal: Ms. Jillian Walkus
Email: jwalkus@sd85.bc.ca


Secretary:  Mrs. Janet Cesaretti
Email:  jcesaretti@sd85.bc.ca


 Staff at EVES can be reached by email:  first initial, last name@sd85.bc.ca

Teaching Staff:        
M. Fleeton Grade 7 Email: mfleeton@sd85.bc.ca
O. Goyette
J. Walkus (0.3)
Grade 6/7 Email: ogoyette@sd85.bc.ca
Email: jwalkus@sd85.bc.ca
K. Bowes Grade 5/6 Email: kbowes@sd85.bc.ca
H. Miller
J. Walkus (0.2)
Grade 5 Email: hmiller@sd85.bc.ca
Email: jwalkus@sd85.bc.ca
L. Gatenby (on leave)
Joye Walkus
Grade 4 Email: lgatenby@sd85.bc.ca
Email: joye.walkus@sd85.bc.ca
J. Nielsen (on leave) Grade 3/4 Email:  jnielsen@sd85.bc.ca
S. Campbell Grade 3 Email: scampbell@sd85.bc.ca
J. Brown Grade 2/3 Email: jbrown@sd85.bc.ca
Blog: jillianbrown.wordpress.com/
J. Sneazwell Grade 1/2 Email:  jsneazwell@sd85.bc.ca
R. Herbert Grade 1/2 Email: rherbert@sd85.bc.ca
H. Williamson (0.8)
M. Benere (0.2)
Grade K / 1 Email: hwilliamson@sd85.bc.ca
Email: mbenere@sd85.bc.ca
M. Sedola Kindergarten Email: msedola@sd85.bc.ca
J. Peterson Learning Commons Teacher/ELL Email: jpeterson@sd85.bc.ca
Website: EVES Library Webpage
T. Carter Learning Assistance Resource Teacher Email: tcarter@sd85.bc.ca
C. Smart Learning Assistance Resource Teacher Email:  csmart@sd85.bc.ca
H. Nelson First Nations Culture Teacher Email:  hnelson@sd85.bc.ca
A. Privatt Prep Teacher (0.11) Email: aprivatt@sd85.bc.ca
Support Staff:
J. Cesaretti Secretary Email: jcesaretti@sd85.bc.ca
B. Wadhams
P. Johnson
First Nations Cultural Support Workers
J. Fyles Library Clerk
E. Huddlestan
T. Hamilton
Child and Youth Care Workers
P. Quinton
L. Heavenor
S. Kinley
P. Ackles
M. Stanczak
D. Brown
L. Blanchette
M. Williamson
S. Hunt (on leave)
F. Johnson (on leave)
Education Assistants
J. Chmurzynski
S. Patterson
Noon Hour Supervisor I
K. Strussi
M. Smith
L. McEwan
J. Sakolinsky
Noon Hour Supervisor II
C. Blight
P. McKay (on leave)
K. Neale



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